PlayfulFest 2020

If you believe that play is the secret of happiness and if more people approached life playfully,
the world would be a better and happier place

THEN you are in the RIGHT PLACE

We are here to bring you joy and hop in this challenging time offering you tools on how to continue bringing the energy of playfulness into your daily life, your work and/or business.

Saras Feijoo – PlayfulFest’s Artistic Director.

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A percentage of our Ticket Sales is going to be donated to Hearts & Minds.

Hearts & Minds help vulnerable people overcome feelings of powerlessness, anxiety and isolation through the art of therapeutic clowning.


“The PlayfulFest was a truly wonderful introduction to the playfulness movement, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, when people have desperately been in need of new ideas and tools to support their mental wellbeing… living rurally I have suffered from isolation, discovering PlayfulFest online has been an absolute revelation!

I still use some of the exercises offered by workshop leaders at the PlayfulFest, and Its been wonderful to also now share them with my own friends and students.”
– Lexi Strauss, audience member

Voice and lyrics: Saras Feijoo. Keyboard and chorus: Peter Baynes.

PlayfulFest helped me realised that I miss playfulness in my life, but I feel I could get it back more easily than I ever thought.
– Audience member

Voice and lyrics: Saras Feijoo. Keyboard: Peter Baynes.

“…I definitely feel less stressed about the continuing lockdown after taking part of the PlayfulFest”
– Audience member

Opera Singer: Saras Feijoo. Keyboard: Peter Baynes.

“… After PlayfulFest, I am  more actively looking for ways to be playful, particularly in busy situations.”
– Audience member

Voice, Lyrics and Singing Bowl: Saras Feijoo. Keyboard: Peter Baynes.

“I know some of the topics and techniques from different therapies and meditation classes, however, at the Playful festival they were introduced in connection with playfulness, our being, personal development as well as performing and enjoying theatre. I found it very practical for creating and living my life. The slower I am the faster I grow – that’s what I take from the event and will be actively integrating in my life
– Audience member