Performance Dynamics – Masterclass with Johnny Melville



This masterclass features a potpourri of training disciplines taken from martial arts (aikido, Tai Chi, Chi-Gong, Kalari), mime, clown, acrobatics, dance and the world of the chimpanzee, whose agility and flexibility can lead the actor to function better with breath and relaxation.


Johnny uses a variety of games to inspire imagination and play, at the same time bringing awareness to transform the student’s negative programming into their sovereign potential.


Games, trust exercises, group sensitivity-work together with improvisation and character development all integrate with the physical study freeing the actor form mechanical responses and therefore able to step more easily into genuine creativity.


Some techniques used in the Masterclass
. Introduction to body disciplines
. Breathing as a tool for relaxation
. Relaxation in relation to energy
. Improvisation
. Body and inner mental work


The workshop will be held at Rose Theatre from 10 am- 4 pm on Friday 4th May.


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