Saras Feijoo – Photo: Rich Dyson

Hi!!! I am Sáras (Pronounced Sárasa), Artistic Director and CEO of the (Edinburgh) International Playfulness Festival – PlayfulFest.

 I coach professionals and entrepreneurs on how to achieve their goals and run their businesses, the playful way. Read more on this at,  www.sarasfeijoo.com.

Since 2014, I have curated, organised and (co-)produced international events combining visual, music and performance arts and uni-disciplinary events. Some of these events have taken place at Assembly Roxy, Traverse Theatre, Webster Theatre, Scottish Storytelling Centre, St. Margaret’s House, Drygate Brewery and Woodland Creatures. 

Coming from the world of physical comedy theatre, I always felt that Edinburgh’s cultural scene was missing events with spontaneity, heart and real connection where the wall between performers and audiences was non-existent. 

“I have always been on the quest to deliver interactive events to an engaged active audience that feels part and contributing to the artistic work presented to them” – Sáras

After devising and touring around the Uk and Europe, my two solo shows, and a variety of solo/group performances that I presented in several countries in Europe, USA and South America, I realised that those events add a new dimension to our creative sector promoting a reachable (less elitist) artistic culture.

I also work as a transition coach at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and, I  am an in-house writer for The Holistic Magazine.

Wanna have more fun starting today?

If you want to  learn how to break free from everyday routine life and add more FUN and JOY to everything you do, consider joining

The Playfulness Quest – 30 days to activate the FUN energy within YOU.  

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The Playfulness Quest is an action-oriented online course that takes you from overwhelmed to energised at the end of your day even if you think you are too busy to have fun or don’t know where to start! 

In this online course, I share with you easy-to-implement tools that connect you with the energy of joy and lightness within you.

Playfulness has the ability to heal hearts and to open infinite ways to express oneself through honesty, connection and a sense of freedom. It also connects us with a child-like feeling that makes us feel alive and joyful.” – Sáras

P.S. Additionally, I am a Multi-media Contemporary Performance Artist, I create installations journeys taking the audience on adventures where the focus point is the connection with themselves and those around them: having fun, feeling like a child and expressing ourselves freely.

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