Oh Wow! What a year 2020 has been for all of us.

We had it all figured it out. Our festival was going to take place at the Summerhall (in Edinburgh), we had our artists and workshop leaders booked, we had our partnerships set up, we were negotiating with our sponsors and BOOM!!!! – we were hit by a worldwide pandemic.

Where you safe at home? We hope you were!

One by one we saw performances being cancelled, festivals being cancelled, theatre venues started to shut. It was discombobulating. 

We were not ready to cancel the PlayfulFest no no no… that was not going to happen… but we needed a plan though… a new plan…

“… living rurally I have suffered from isolation discovering PlayfulFest online has been an absolute revelation!”

Let’s take the festival online” – a little voice whisper.


So we did! – We re-organised the whole festival and decided to focus on YOU and your needs through this pandemic.


PlayfulFest was born to show playfulness in many different creative and non-creative disciplines and shining a spotlight on play as a core part of our humanity, and that is what we did.


We knew that you probably were suffering from loneliness, anxiety and struggling with your mental health. Perhaps feeling unmotivated and with lack of inspiration. That is why for us it was crucial to share with you playful tools to help you gain control over your life, cope with the unexpected situation we were all experiencing.


PlayfulFest’s mission for 2020 was to help you feel empowered, energised, care for and connected.


We are eternally grateful for your trust, for taking part, for supporting us and taking part in our still-growing worldwide community.


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P.S. It is going to be mainly me, Saras 🙂 emailing you about events, future editions of the PlayfulFest, tips on how to keep playful, other courses that might interest you and much more.